How to be the "Perfect Owner"

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The dog has always been the Best companion of human life. The relationship that develops between them is so deep that it becomes an addiction of one another. Owning a dog changes your life.

It gives you joy, love and a lot of company, especially when you feel sad. But we must consider that owning a dog as well as being a wonderful feeling it is also an extraordinary commitment. With this article we want to explain to you what are the basic needs of our four-legged friend. 

 Seeing to your dog's each need is a considerable measure of work, however certainly justified regardless of the exertion. In the event that you need to be a decent canine proprietor, there are some basic things that you accomplish for your puppy.

A portion of the things that great canine proprietors do incorporate taking your dog for consistent registration, giving your puppy showers, giving a lot of fun toys to your canine, and showing your canine some essential compliance charges.

Being a decent dog proprietor requires significant investment and tolerance, yet your puppy will thank you with adoration and love.


How can i appear a Hero for my dog? 

  • "Your Dog needs to feel needed." The dogs have been selected from centuries by their character traits and their quality of benefit to man. So the Dogs, according to their innate propensity, want to do something for us. It will be your job understand what your Dog like to do and channel his energy toward the right end (exits, game, sports, socially useful activities and so on.) Otherwise you'll end soon with a bored dog that easily invent something (not necessarily pleasing to man) for feeling him special, or with a dog that could even generate management problems. The dog doesn't need two daily trips to pee, unless the dog is old, sick, tired or debilitated.
  • "Your Dog needs a point of reference to trust." You'll have to be the One safe and reliable guide who will refer your dog. In absence of an authority figure, having vacated the role of "leader", your dog will feel the ancestral duty to take on, the responsibility of leading the group. You can easily imagine what happens in a family where herd/family group lays them down the dog. How to be a good owner? Responsible, reliable, loving, caring, loyal, consistent, patient, calm, confident, serene but also firm, purposeful, charismatic, decisive and authoritative.
  • "Your Dog needs stability." The dog is an habitual animal so as far as possible keep unchanged its daily routine (meals, outings, always needs the same times). Even the family environment should be quite and possibly devoid of emotional jolts.
  • "Your Dog needs privacy." Give to your dog a place of his own where he can stay quite if feels the need to stand apart, perhaps from a momentarily become too rowdy and lively family.
  • "Your Dog needs Respect." Learn to recognize the real need for them, (ask the experts, dog lovers attended courses, read books, magazines) and then respect them! Dog is not a stuffed animal but a living being with its precise requirements sometimes very distant from the human ones; soon also teaches your children to respect!
  • "Your Dog needs care" Good quality food and adequate to its nutritional needs and its energy consumption, fresh water always available, regular visits to the vet, hygiene and care of the case, a cosy resting place, warm in winter and cool in summer (dangerous heat stroke).


Your dog needs you, don't you ever forget that.

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