10 Best Human Foods For Dogs

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best human food for dogs

What's the best dog food for dogs? They are domesticated more than 6,000 years (which is amazing, is not it?) And that is why we are so attached to humans. And until 1930 they have never been fed with "nuggets" or "canned" food. but only raw food diet. The dogs were fed real meat and vegetables, and a little 'bread and potatoes. With this raw food diet thrived lived for many years until old age.

The dogs do not eat dog food until 1930, when the cereal and meat industries looking for a market for their waste, or search for something profitable to be able to use their grains and meats rejected that fail the inspection because of mold, rancidity, parasites and other contaminants.

Then came the brilliant idea from an economic standpoint to mix scraps together: born the "dog food." 

This "food" is not real food for dogs, as it is made of poor quality waste, contains no vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients important for growth and health, and also does not last long because it is poor. Then you decide to fill it with artificial vitamins, inorganic minerals, additives, chemical preservatives, chemical dyes, artificial supplements as table food. This is not real food for dogs! Often the food we give our friends determines also their behavior as us humans and now many dogs eat just food for dogs.

According to reports from an investigation shock in food for the animals there are animals of dead zoo. You do not throw anything anyway ... The truth is in the last 70 years the dogs have not had a genetic change so their body has suddenly decided that the "dog food" industry is good: their body and the digestive system is the same for thousands of years, that has grown and prospered with real food! Surely industrial food allows animals to survive, as it happens with humans who eat packaged foods and fast food. 

The more efficiently if you care about your dog is to give it fresh meat, fresh vegetables and carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, bread or rice in large amounts since the dogs are mainly carnivores). If off when your dog eats grass ports means that not enough vegetables in his diet. The proportions depend on the type of dog.

Such as feral dogs or who are closest to the wolf in need of 70% meat and 30% of vegetables. While other dogs can eat more carbohydrates and less meat.

So continue to read, you will learn what is the best human food for dogs, many of them are homemade healthy food.


#1 Coconut and Coconut Oil


healthy people food for dogs

It 'a real food-medicine for both humans and animals. I eat every day a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil and my dogs love it! And 'rich in lauric acid, which helps to fight and destroy viruses and various pathogenic bacteria, thereby protecting your pets from infection and helps to strengthen their immune system.

Furthermore, the coconut contains albumin, a water-soluble protein present in many muscle tissues. Many ailments such as yeast infections, bad smell of hair, infected wounds, and even cracked paws, can be cured with the coconut oil. It 'also ideal to give strength and shine to the hair. It also improves your dog's metabolism and resolves and prevents arthritis.

You can get it here Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and deepening of this article Coconut Oil - Pure Energy to strengthen teeth, bones, liver, thyroid and metabolism.


#2 Lean meats


best human food for dogs

Lean cuts of chicken, turkey, beef, lamb and pork are rich in is people food that is good for dogs, a great source of amino acids and vitamins of group B. Liver: Sometimes a week can be given to our dogs and provides a lot of iron, vitamin K and minerals.


#3 Salmon and tuna


healthy people food for dogs

An other people food that is good for dogs! Very high-protein food, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that keep your dog's coat shiny and healthy and strengthen his immune system. They also provide protein and vitamins. They can be steamed.


#4 Eggs


healthy people food for dogs

Great human food for dogs. An egg a few times a week provide all complete amino acids, vitamins and minerals. They can be boiled and then cooked shelled or even better raw mix with the food. 


#5 Pasta and Rice


human food for dogs

One of the best human food for dogs, they are carbohydrates that we eat often and advance, and we can give to our dogs as long as there is no salt and oil in them. Must be completely overcooked, it is important not otherwise digest.


#6 Beans, Peas, Lentils and Broccoli


An other healthy people food for dogs. They must be well cooked and can be given occasionally, not continuously. They provide vitamins, fiber. minerals and amino acids to your dog. 


#7 Cinnamon and turmeric


healthy people food for dogs

A pinch of these spices can be added to your dog's dish. They are real medicines that really help the health of both people and animals. Prevent cancer, diabetes and solve muscle and joint aches, nausea and improves digestion, brain health and circulation. There are testimonies of healed of cancer dogs with turmeric.


#8 Flax seed


healthy people food for dogs

Source of Omega 3 and fiber, help your dog to have a shiny coat and strong. They are shredded and then mixed with food.


#9 Pumpkin, zucchini and carrots 


Rich in fiber and vitamin A, help the digestive system of the dog. Chewing raw carrots is also beneficial for your dog’s teeth.


#10 Sweet fruit 


Such as apples, pears and bananas, it should be given little and only in the summer season. There is the risk of fermentation if eaten close to other foods.


What human food do you usually give at your dog?  Share it in the comments!


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