Top 7 Best Dog Trainers in USA

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Dogs are the closest companions yet it appears this is not a similar thing for all dog proprietors. For example, there are an excessive number of issues that you can confront with your puppy: hopping on individuals, dragging you along walks, declining to obey you or even come to you when called, climbing furniture,stealing food, barking at visitors, chasing  distinctive things, for example, canines, felines, autos and more ruinous activities that annoy you and leave you confused without knowing what to do or how to solve these problems.

But do you know that you can find the professional dog trainers who can help you to handle all the problems from which you endure with your puppy? Following you'll find is a quick list of the top 10 best dog trainers in the United States beginning with the least famous to the most experienced and famous ones.

#1 Linda Michaels MA

Linda Michaels 1

In California, there's Linda Michaels who is a certified professional dog trainer. She uses positive dog training methods which are really effective, she can easily train all dogs and solve all problem behaviors. She concentrates more on managing the principle factors that are responsible for causing the problem behavior instead of just treating the symptoms. Linda offers private lessons, consultation and telephone meetings.

#2 Tonya Wilhelm

Tonya Wilhelm1

Tonya Wilhelm functions as a full time dog preparing master for more than twenty years and gives positive puppy preparing administrations not simply locally but rather universally also, through her Toledo Dog Training. She helped a huge number of canine proprietors to begin upbeat associations with their puppies.

The dog owners get the needed tools and learn the necessary skills for the positive training of their dogs. Tonya offers different dog training services such as weekend dog retreats and camps, dog workshops, dog behavior lectures, group and private dog training classes in addition to online dog training services via the internet and even phone.

#3 Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan2

It is difficult to find a dog owner or even a dog lover who does not know Cesar Millan or at least heard something about him. Cesar Milan is a Mexican dog trainer who is widely known for many people around the world and not just in the United States. Cesar was born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico and worked with animals on his grandfather’s farm. He was also called the dog boy in his country which reflects his passion for dogs and training them. Cesar moved to the United States when he was 21 years old and started his life there working as a dog groomer and walker.

What increased the popularity of Cesar Millan to be a well-known character in different countries around the world is his television series Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan which was broadcast in over eighty countries around the world starting from 2004 to 2012.

#4 Martin Deeley

Martin Deeley1

Martin Deeley is widely known as a professional canine behaviorist and dog training expert. He is also called the Florida dog trainer making him one of the best dog trainers not just in the United States but in the whole world. Martin is the director of the International Association of Canine Professionals and appeared several times with Cesar Millan for giving dog training advice.

He provides different services such as one on one dog training whether it is at the Montverde Training Center or in your home, board and train dog training and there is also puppy training which is the right start for any dog owner.

#5 Brian Kilcommons

Brian Kilcommons1

Brian Kilcommons is one of the best and most experienced dog trainers in the United States. He is highly admired and is not just a dog trainer as he is also an author. He is known to be the author of pet training manuals and has published several books. Seven of his books are written by him and his wife Sarah Wilson who is also a dog trainer.

Because Kilcommons is a perfect dog trainer, he trained the dogs of many celebrities and this is why you can call him the dog trainer of the celebrities or the stars. He has trained more than 35,000 dogs and believes that saying “NO” to dogs is a useless method to prevent them from doing something because this word is abstract for them and they do not understand its meaning.

 #6 Kyra Sundance 

Kyra Sundance
Kyra Sundance is not just a good dog trainer but she is also a perfect author. She has written numerous books about training dogs and puppies not just for adults but also for kids.
There are many perfect and interesting books which you can make use of to solve your problems with your dog or puppy such as “101 Ways to Do More with Your Dog!, The Dog Tricks and Training Workbook, 101 Dog Tricks, The Dog Rules, 10-Minute Dog Training Games, 51 Puppy Tricks, 101 Dog Tricks: Kids Edition” and more. Training dogs for Kyra is a lifestyle and is also about involving your dog in your life through sports, training and more.

 #7 Zak George 

Zak George2


Zak George is an American broadcaster and one of the most famous dog trainers in the whole world as well. George does not just concentrate on training dogs, he also uses positive and loving methods based on relationship while dealing with your dog will help you to create a good relationship that lasts forever.

Zak George is also known for presenting different interesting shows such as Who Let the Dogs Out? on CBBC UK kids channel, SuperFetch in 2009 and other shows on the Animal Planet channel.

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