12 Strange Things We Do As Dog Owners That We Try To Keep Secret

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Let’s face it, we’re absolutely crazy about our pups. So crazy, in fact, that sometimes we act a little weird around our canine companions. Whether it’s baking them special treats or talking to them like they’re wittle babies, you know that your non-dog crazy friends would totally tease you if they knew how you really treat your dog.

But that’s okay, we understand. For every weird little way you show your dog love, there’s another person out there who does the same thing.
Here are 12 weird things we Dog Owners do that we try to keep secret, but don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us!

1. Give your dog a ton of weird nicknames

Your friends may have heard you call your pup “Sweetie” or even “Fluffbutt,” they haven’t heard the more colorful nicknames like “Mushy Maggy Moo Moo ” or “Snugz-a-rooni.”


2. Talk to them like they’re the cutest wittle baby-wabies in the world!

But you just wuv your puppy wuppy so much!


3. Refer to yourself as “Mommy” or “Daddy”

As in, “Daddy loves you” or “Give Mommy kisses!”


4. Let them slobber all over your face

It’s a thing you do with those you love, right?


5. Bake your dog special homemade dog cookies

Because everyone loves baked goods that are made with love–even your pup!


6. Let your big dog sit in your lap

What? Big dogs like to cuddle, too!


7. Figure out ways to sneak them into non-dog-friendly places

If anyone asks, you just have a barking purse.


8. Pass them food under the table

You know it’s a bad habit, but… just look at that face!


9. Order them a dog-friendly treat when you go to a restaurant or drive-thru

After all, Fido gets hungry too!


10. Let your dog sleep in bed with you

Oh come on, everyone does it!



11. Have conversations with your canine

Others may not understand it, but your dog definitely talks back–in her own way.


12. Make up excuses to bail on plans just to hang out with your dog

Hmmm…get all dressed up and spend too much money or stay home in my PJ’s with a glass of wine and my furry best friend? We’ll take the latter!



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